Bit & Bridle Fitting

Deana Tarr is an Independent LANTRA Accredited Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant, certified by the Horse Bit Fit Academy

A bit and Bridle consultation is a great way to ensure that your horse has the correct bit and Bridle fit for their individual head and mouth confirmation.

I work as an independent Bit fitter, meaning I work with different bit brands like Neue Schule, Sprenger and Expert Bits, to name but a few.  This means I can find the perfect bit for you and your horse. From happy hackers to competition horses. ALL horses deserve to be comfortable.

Your saddle fitting Consultation

Please allow up to 2 hours for your consultation, with the allowance of 30 min either side of your appointment. I do try my best to be on time, however sometimes I may be late or even early!

Please ensure that your horse is clean and dry, with all the equipment you would usually use, including the horse’s primary rider.

It is advisable to have a suitable area to see your horse being ridden.

The Process

1. In order for me to be prepared for your consultation, I will need you to complete a Consultation Form. Please complete this in as much detail as possible.

2. I will complete a short conformation and assessment of your horses head and mouth, to ascertain any issues which may cause problems with your Bit and Bridle fit.

3. Your Bit and Bridle will be checked for safety and suitability before continuing with a the ridden assessment.

5. I will see you ride in your current Bit and Bridle set up, we will discuss issues with the current bit and bridle.

6. Changes to the Bit and Bridle made, until we have a combination that works for the horse and rider.

Observations and recommendations will be given regarding Bridle and Bit fit seen on the day.